Dorset Open Greener Homes

25 Sep - 3 Oct 2021

We are opening homes, gardens and a church across Dorset: - some new builds, a few retrofits, and a lot of enthusiasm among the hosts (and visitors we hope). In some cases the low carbon lifestyles are as important as the buildings.

16 homes

Energy-saving improvements key

  • Low-cost improvements
    Low-cost improvements
  • 'Big' insulation works
    'Big' insulation works
  • Glazing
  • Lighting systems and electrical appliances
    Lighting systems and electrical appliances
  • High spec heating
    High spec heating
  • Renewables: heat
    Renewables: heat
  • Renewables: electricity
    Renewables: electricity
  • Water management
    Water management
  • Sustainable building materials
    Sustainable building materials
  • Lifestyle change
    Lifestyle change
  • Recommended


This event is organised by Dorset Climate Action Network - Energy group
Some of these homes require booking, others just turn up. Some years ago we made a film of several of the hosts, which can be viewed on the CLS website -"EcoHomes Compile".
Another film, with Ro, Julie, Jyoti and Sally (but without Emily and Sam) can be seen here.
Useful links on how to reduce the energy used in your home can be found on TTB website If you require wheelchair access, or have any questions to the organisers, please phone us on 07715171948 , preferably in advance leaving a message. I will answer it when I can  Thanks. Sam

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